They are the perfect 2-bite size for any occasion!

($2.00 ea / $20 per dozen plus tax)


chocolate cake with coffee frosting and a chocolate covered coffee bean

​white wedding

vanilla cake with almond frosting dipped in white nonpareils

cookie dough

chocolate chip cake topped with cookie dough frosting

brownie batter
chocolate cake with brownie batter frosting dipped in mini

chocolate chips

chocolate party

chocolate cake with vanilla bean frosting dipped in rainbow jimmies

chocolate cake topped with Oreo frosting and Oreo pieces

party animal
confetti cake and vanilla sprinkles frosting with a 
Circus Animal cookie on top

banana pudding
banana cake with cookie butter frosting and a Nilla Wafer

heads up
lemon cake with lime zest frosting and a lemon candy on top

changes monthly TBD by the BAYKAH
(if you guess it IN STORE it is FREE!)

additional flavors changing with the seasons or monthly:


chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and a

peanut butter cup on top

blueberry cheesecake
blueberry graham cake topped with cheesecake frosting

We exclusively make mini cupcakes.

Want something larger? Order your favorite flavor as a cake!

Standard designs include cupcake decor (for example a party animal cake is bordered with circus animal cookies).

​email tspbakingcompanyORDER@gmail.com with questions or ideas about custom cupcakes or cakes.